Published on 12/12/2017 9:31 am
Evaluating Hospital Management System for Improved Patient Treatment

Hospital Management System (HMS) or Hospital Information System (HIS) or Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) is a comprehensive electronic tool which gathers, categorizes, and organizes administrative, clinical and financial data and retrieves it with computer system and hand over it to the decision makers for utilizing.

HMS is not only enhances decision making in the healthcare industry by providing patient records and data to the service providers but also plays a significant role in growth of an organizational performance. It is a versatile software system for integration of information related to patients for exchanging useful data between the departments of a hospital to speed up patient care process, enhance quality, and reduce costs.

The system is designed for optimizing a hospital every day operation such as front desk affairs, reporting, laboratory test reports, drug prescriptions, In-patient and Out-patient management, inventory control, central store, financial issues, physician’s records, and much more. It enables the hospital administrator to get access to essential information for taking better decisions at any time and place for patients care based on actual information of the organization.

Hospital Management System establishes strong relationship between the hospital personnel and fulfils the required information of a hospital whether it is patient care related, planning, execution of tasks and documentation of patients and other important records. Since a healthcare institution is an unpredictable establishment regarding correspondence, high measure of information and communication which deal with this high volume of data well appears to be essential so as to accomplish high end proficiency and productivity.

 Significance of hospital management information system as key instrument for advancement of productivity of organizational exercises is expanding quickly. HMS or HIS or HMIS is another option to manual paper based activities in the hospitals. This system automates tasks from phase of patient admission to discharge of patients, effective communication among various internal departments and furthermore quicker and more precise extraction of administrative and healthcare reports.

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Hospital Management System